Sermon suggestions on Sustainablility: Church Year 2017/2018

Welcome to an exciting world: Creation!

Since 2005, "Sustainable preaching" has been offering ecumenical preaching suggestions and a new dynamic to align the lectionary Bible readings of the Sundays into the global context of sustainable life and action.

If you are interested in what Christian discipleship has to do with sustainability, or if you already know this and would like to know how to communicate this knowledge, you have come to the right place! If you are a clergy person and want to use these suggestions for your sermons, that is also great!

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Working with the sermon examples

Connections to sustainability can be found In many Bible texts, whether through themes of peace and justice, or of preserving creation.

Under "preaching inputs" you can read what other theologians have discovered.

Let yourself be inspired by their insights into these texts.

Your own ideas, too, can be used to enrich what is offered here! If you would like to become a "sustainable preaching" author - just get in touch with the contact persons listed here.

Links between biblical texts and sustainability can also be useful in RE and adult further education.

For a better understanding - also for lay people:

Each Sunday, Bible texts are recommended for the sermons.

The basis for these is the 'Lectionary'. In the sustainable preaching project these Sunday Bible texts (also referred to as pericopes) are challenged by theologians as to what they have to do with "sustainable development" or "sustainability".

The results - the sermon suggestions - are presented here.


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Focus theme: "Structures of Guilt"

Why does the world find 'the preservation of Creation, Peace and Justice' so hard?

In many cases, ‘guilt’ is inherent in the structures. "Structures" determine where money flows and how power is exercised. It is difficult for individuals to oppose them. Such structural deficiencies have been examined during the Church Year 2016/17.

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